Use single vendors (individuals) inside main vendor (company)

Marcela 2 years ago in Something Else updated 2 years ago 2


I just set up a new vendor, COMPANY X (example) with two contact people, VENDOR A and VENDOR B inside the company. I want to use these vendors separately for separate translation and edition tasks, but since COMPANY X is the "vendor" according to XTRF, when I go to select the vendor, I cannot select VENDOR A or VENDOR B, and I am forced to select COMPANY X. Is there a way I can select vendors inside a "company"? I hope I was clear with my question. Thanks!

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Every vendor can have as many price profiles as you wish.

You can create 2 separate price profiles for the 2 different tasks.

When you select a vendor to a particular job, pay attention to the price profile you select.

This is the way to do it in XTRF.

Thank you so much, Lukasz! I just did it and it worked :)