How to change (or have no) default quote reviewer?

Meghan Cooper 2 years ago in Home Portal updated by Konrad Gorszczak 2 years ago 5

Are there settings to change who a quote goes to internally for review by default, or is there a way to remove this altogether? We don't utilize it on our team.


It is an alphabetically sorted list of users with no default.

We resigned from this feature in the Smart Projects.

If someone needs it, the Project Confirmation document can be sent to internal recipients as well by editing the list of addressees on the Edit&Send popup window.

Thanks for your reply Lukasz. We had a seemingly-random glitch when we upgraded to XTRF 8 where a few projects (classic) were being assigned to a new user in Accounting (does not to PM work), and the only thing we can conclude is that it was because she was set as the quote reviewer because her name is first alphabetically. Not sure if that was the case, I don't think it has happened again the past few days.

We experienced same/similar issue after v8 upgrade - few projects somehow changed the assigned PM to our accountant contact person (1st in the list alphabetically). The affected projects seem random, I suspect this happens during the conversion from quote to project. Lukasz I also reported it to your HelpDesk (XHD-18784).

Thanks for reporting it and letting me know which ticket number it was.


Dear Clients,

I am glad to inform, that this issue has been fixed by our Development Team in version 8.0.5, which will be released in the upcoming days.