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Is the XTRF version 8 already released? Or other version which is GDPR ready? We were promised that it would be released in the beginning of this week.

We are running XTRF on our own servers.


XTRF 8 is going to be released for everyone to upgrade today.

Any word on what time this will be released? And if it will cause downtime for users?

For onCloud hosted instances, the upgrade will be automatic, overnight, and the downtime should be less than 10 minutes.

1) Whose overnight? 

2) Is there a way to get a heads up so our PMs don't get errors and lose work?

3) Is there a way to (even better) let us know what time it will happen at so our PMs can plan for it?

The maintenance window is configurable per-instance, so likely it is 'your' night. For individual details please contact the helpdesk.

What about those using dedicated servers? Will it be available today at the repository?

Will there be instructions or will the general ones for updating to a major version apply?

There is no significant difference between updating to 7 and to 8 - same process, same requirements.

Do we need to make a request via JIRA tech support or will the Version 8 be rolled out for everyone?

For onCloud hosting - for everyone, automatically. OnPremises requires a schedule with helpdesk.

XTRF 8 has been released and published at the usual location. Detailed release notes should be published tomorrow.

Is the version on that link correct? The one we upgraded to is 8.0.2 and there does not seem to be anything newer on the repository.

Yes, both the Debian package repository and the .ear repo contain 8.0.3

If you cannot install 8.0.3 then please contact helpdesk with the details.

Did you release 8.0.2 last night and 8.0.3 today? We upgraded this morning and we went to 8.0.2 (implementation) and 8.0.4 (database)

No, the 8.0.3 was available yesterday evening. Please forward the details (installation method, package source) to the helpdesk.

What is there to see? You must have uploaded the wrong version to the repository, there is no other explanation is there?

Where can I find any changes regarding GDPR? We have XTRF version 8.0.3, but I can not find anything regarding vendor/client consent about their data.

I was just about to ask the same thing. Can we get a list of implemented and planned changes concerning the GDPR so we know what XTRF will support and what we will have to implement ourselves using custom fields?

Thank you, I have already read these release notes but they have very little information about what was implemented. Furthermore, we have zero information on what is planned (and when the next set of features will be available).


Configuration - Clients and Vendors;Sub-task: Enable edit and delete consents - frontend