Customising vendor portal

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It would be very helpful if we could customise the vendor portal to our needs, e.g. we would like certain custom fields to show in the vendor portal. We would also like the option to disable the invoicing space for our suppliers for now.

Is this something  you could look in to?

Many thanks.


Please see our other forum for requesting Development Ideas: https://xtrf.userecho.com/communities/1-product-development-ideas

Here are all Vendor Portal related topics: https://xtrf.userecho.com/communities/1-product-development-ideas/categories/9-vendor-portal/topics

And this one in particular concerns making invoicing optional in Vendor Portal. Upvote and comment!

Please also add the one regarding custom fields - specify which ones and tell us and the whole community why you think it would benefit all of us.

The links you provided are all broken. There is no access to them.

I am afraid you have to be our client and sign up to these forums with your company email to have access, Ira.

I am your client and the email address used is the address of our system administrator account in XTRF.

Well, your comments show you are logged in with Gmail account, not the administrator's one.

Please log out and log in with the administrator account @yourCompany to see the other forums.

Please let me know where I can find these topics as here is a screenshot of all I can see and I can't see the product development ideas.

Seems like your account doesn't have rights for some reason. I'm just a client like you, but you either need to get new permissions, or log on with a different email. You should see this...