Invoicing/ClientInvoice/Edit/AddOneItemforAlltasks -> Change default text

Victor Alonso Lion 2 years ago in Something Else updated 2 years ago 6

We would like to modify the default text that appears when doing

Invoicing / Client Invoice / Edit / AddOneItemforAlltasks -> Change default text

The default text reads: "translation services according to specification"

We would like to modify this default text. 

We see we can edit this, but is there a way to modify the default text? 


Quick and to the point. Thanks

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I think you could do this on your Settings page.
Settings -> Templates --> Expressions
and then find 'Client invoice multi-task item name', there you should be able to change the value to something you like.


Dennis, thanks for pointing this out. I've wanted to edit this text for months but didn't know how to. This is so helpful! Thanks!!


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Out of curiosity, what text are you replacing it with? Should we update ours perhaps?

We updated ours to "Localization Services" not to stick to purely translation.
in our case, that would englobe better all the services.