Limit access to client data

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I have a 2-user setup. We will probably add more users in the future. I want only the admin account to have access to our clients' data. How can I restrict those in the Project Management user group from accessing client information?

Also, if I do this, how should they create projects with no access to client data? Do they just create a project with files and assign vendors?



It is possible to remove all permissions to client accounts by editing Project Management user group.

Uncheck all the client-related boxes and save:

The next time a user from this group logs in and tries to access a client profile, they will see an access forbidden screen.

However, a user with this limitation will still be able to start a new project for any client and add their contacts to that project.

Thank you, Łukasz

Where do I access the user group screen to modify it?



Configuration/User Management/User Groups and Rights


I don't have that. I only have users. I am using the admin account.


I'm sorry then, but it looks like you would need a higher plan. 

Thank you, Lukasz.

Sorry for the delay in getting back to you. We were told during the purchase process that this would be a feature that we would have access to.

I wrote to the person who helped us back then. In the meantime, is there any other way to accomplish this if I don't have access to that setting?

Thanks again.

Sorry, I was out of office but have now confirmed it has been resolved on your instance.