Currency Rates Synchronization

XTRF has been integrated with Open Exchange Rates and can pull 158 currency exchange rates. Alternatively, there are 2 other options: European Central Bank (32 currencies) and NBP (National Bank of Poland) (36 currencies).

Setup is done in a dedicated Periodic Job. Go to System Configuration > Integration > Periodic Jobs and edit Currency exchange rates synchronization. The job needs to be stopped in order to make any modifications.

The predefined Currency exchange rates synchronization is triggered daily on workdays after midnight server time.


The NBP (National Bank of Poland) and European Central Bank currency exchange rates synchronization has been deprecated and will be discontinued by the end of September 2022.

For new Clients, the default source for rate synchronization has been set to Open Exchange Rates. The remaining few Clients are requested to change NBP and EBC to Open Exchange Rates.

Administrators can go to the Configuration Menu > Integration > Periodic Jobs and edit the periodic job called “Currency exchange rates synchronization”. In the ‘Job Configuration’ section click on the Bank drop-down menu, and change ‘Narodowy Bank Polski’ and 'European Central Bank' to ‘’, then click Save.

If this periodic job is not available for editing by any user, please contact XTRF Helpdesk.

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