How to use the GroupSourcing functionality in memoQ integration with Smart Projects?

GroupSourcing is not directly supported in the Smart memoQ integration. However, you can use it in a limited way for your memoQ-integrated projects.

This article describes how to incorporate this feature in your XTRF Smart Projects.

The integration mechanism assumes that the Vendor Management is done in XTRF and the Vendor selected in XTRF is automatically assigned to the bilingual document in memoQ. You can manually override this assignment directly in the memoQ project.

The idea is quite simple. You need to preselect any Vendor (it could also be a PM) in XTRF and then manually change the assignment in memoQ.

Please bear in mind that the Vendor synchronization action will always force memoQ to use the Vendor selected in XTRF. That is why, the sequence of actions is important. You need to first select a Vendor in an XTRF project, synchronize it with the project in memoQ, then go to the project in memoQ and change the Vendor assignment. It won’t work the other way round. If you first select Vendors in memoQ, this selection will be overwritten by XTRF.

Vendors are synchronized between XTRF and memoQ projects each time a Vendor profile is selected (or updated) in XTRF or when one of the dates of a Job is updated (Planned Start Date or Planned Deadline).

For starters, you need to create a project in XTRF as usual. Upload the source documents, set the job dates and perform initial Vendor selection for the memoQ steps.

When it’s all done, you can go to the project in memoQ and change the pre-selected Vendor to a group. To do that, open the project in memoQ, go to the Translations section, right-click on the document and select Assign…:

In the pop-up window, select which workflow step you want to update, confirm that you want to change the assigned translator, and select the GroupSourcing option.

Click OK to confirm the changes.

Now the users you’ve just selected will have access to this document. They can work on it and Deliver it once the translation or review are ready.

A change in the workflow status for this document will be synchronized back to XTRF, and XTRF will start the next step.

A potential limitation to this scenario

Once you manually reassign Vendors in the memoQ project, you can’t change a Vendor or a date for any CAT tool step in that XTRF project. An update of a date or a Vendor in any of the memoQ-integrated steps will trigger synchronization which will restore the original Vendor selection from XTRF in the memoQ project.

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