Account no and IBAN in vendor portal

Michal 3 years ago in Vendor Portal updated by Chloe 2 years ago 1

There is a discrepancy between fields that a vendor can enter/edit from the VP portal and fields that are displayed in the HP.

Vendor portal: 

Vendor has mupltiple bank accounts for transfer in the HP:

Only 1 field is displayed in VP:

Multiple fields in the HP

While in VP there is only one field for "account number/IBAN" in HP there are two separate fields for account number and IBAN:

Change in VP in the field "account number/IBAN" is reflected only in the "account number". So while, the provider may expect that it is correnctly processed as he entered IBAN into that field, it usually results in mispayment unless all changes are double-checked.

If would make sense to make two separate fields available in the VP as well to reflex the HP

# account number 


I am also reminding that anybody with access to the Vendor contact person card in HP can login to VP as that vendor and have these details changed. 

It's also a problem that the 'sort code' field doesn't show up in the vendor portal - it means our providers can't put in correct information and our VM team have to get sort code information from them. It would be better if the fields look exactly like they do in the HP.