Where can I add my terms of service for the clients?

SBWC 4 years ago in Client Portal updated by Sancho Leath 3 years ago 4


I would like to add the Terms of Service to XTRF, so that my client can access it at any moment if need be.

Right now we added these to our quote templates, but this is getting quite heavy on the quotes.

Maybe you already have a solution for this?

I know you can put a SLA in the Vendor Portal, so maybe there is an equivalent for Clients?

Thanks in advance


With the EU GDPR legislation coming, also having the data security statement in the client portal is a must. It needs to be "easily" accessible at all times.


The only place to put Terms of Service for the clients would be at the bottom of the login dialog, see:

It is possible to enable this "disclaimer" from the portal's configuration panel, but the text can only be placed there by administrators with access to XTRF folders. See details: https://knowledgebase.xtrf.eu/display/XTRFHelp/Create+disclaimer+in+Customer+Portal

We will address this and other such issues before GDPR comes into force in May.

Is there an update to this? This is still the only place where any T&Cs can be added. Where can we add our GDPR disclaimer?

@XTRF: This just reminded me that the GDPR compliance of XTRF has not been completed yet. After the release of version 7, there was talk of additional GDPR compliance features being rolled out shortly thereafter. What is the status on this?