Idea for a future development

Daniel Tufeanu 4 months ago in Something Else updated by J_N 3 months ago 3

Dear colleagues,

Having just switched organisations, I have worked with a different custom made java-based app (only for assigning interpreters to meetings or otherwise add/change their programme). In the other app, there was no difference between language varieties. 

While I see the use of having language varieties separately in XTRF (as it's indeed needed, especially for localisation projects or marketing/branding materials), I find it extremely limitating that that the "general" language doesn't include it's varieties. 

Exact example: 

I wish that, when searching for vendors with DE, to be able to see everyone having DE, DE-DE, DE-AT, DE-LU, DE-CH. Same for French, same for English and so on. This would be very intuitive in my opinion, without having to click on all language varieties, and you would still be able to search for a specific variety if needed. 

Do you think other key users would find this development useful? If so, could this be implemented? 

Best regards,



I agree. It would be useful. Even more so, maybe a filter option to include all variants or only the specific language. 


Sorry in advance to the XTRF team for using Plunet again as an example, but we used it for 10 years and were stunned that this was not possible when we started working in XTRF almost 3 years ago (At least as far as we know how to make use of XTRF, maybe it is possible and we don’t know). Either way, it has been possible in Plunet for 12+ years to check a box "With versions" that includes all variants as Mark suggests. It was very useful indeed.