Change Job deadline for smart project

István Lengyel (BeLazy) 1 year ago in API updated by Dennis Rosenbaum 1 year ago 2

The API supports data manipulation functions on jobs in smart projects, like "PUT /v2/jobs/{jobId}/status" but there is no way to change the job's deadline with the API. Since deadline is an important information it would be great if we could also manipulate it via the API.

Hi István,
Unfortunately this feature is not available by our API right now. If you are interested in such functionally Customization team can create it for you. If you think that it should be implemented in our API by default  please post such request on Product Development Ideas subforum. 


Dear Mateusz,

There is no possibility to set the job deadline by macro's, how is the customization team going to implement this?


I would also love to have the possibility to update the job deadline through the API, have been waiting for 2 years on this functionality already.