XTRF Summit - recordings for those of us that can't attend?

Thijs Senten 3 years ago in Something Else updated by mark 3 years ago 16


Unfortunately I can't make it to the Summit, and I have noticed that I'm not the only one, so I was wondering if you were planning on recording the sessions to make them available to users afterwards.

The topics include things that I would gladly learn more about, so it would be very nice if these sessions could somehow be shared with the pitiful souls like me that won't be there in person.


Agreed. I'd love to see the content streamed or at least posted after the fact. Regrettably, we can't make it.

Yes, please. Recordings would even be better since different content will be presented parallely and I am partly interested in both.

Thank you for your comments.

We will definitely want to record all the sessions. We wouldn’t want to miss such an opportunity and will want to soak up all that knowledge for future reference.

The recordings will most definitely be shared with those who have attended the Summit in the first order, which I trust you will understand.

My best,

Karolina Gałek

XTRF Summit Manager


Actually what does "in the first order" mean? I'd love to come to this meeting and learn from the planned sessions, but I can't make it. And in the name of XTRF trying to support a broad community of users, I really hope you will share this content to all your paying customers.

Exactly my question. 

We will share recordings with the Summit guests in the first place, but later on, we will find a way to share it with the rest of the XTRF community. 

Hi Karolina,

I attended the conference. Are the recordings available?




@XTRF: Could you please make the recordings available? Thanks.

Thanks for nudging this Sancho. 

And how did the summit go? I haven't heard anything about it. Would anyone want to share and post?

FYI, I was just informed that recorded sessions are available to the Summit participants only. :(


Wow. Really? That's quite disappointing.


@XTRF: Can you confirm? My understanding was that the recordings will eventually be shared with all active XTRF customers. Would be strange if you withheld the information from your customer base. Please clarify.

I knew that from the beginning. Conferences are a big business and giving recordings to people not attending = less people next year attending. Common business sense :).


I was hoping that XTRF would see this conference as an opportunity to continue to build a community of users rather than a professional conference company that focuses on increasing size. I would argue that an XTRF conference has a primary audience of users and the biggest value of the conference (at least for me) would be to grow a community that can share ideas with other business operators in a similar situation with a big focus on networking. So, if I saw content that inspired good conversations & good networking, it could motivate me to go. But that's just me. :) Besides, per the post from 4 months ago - "we will find a way to share it with the rest of the XTRF community."

That's a strange decision. Even GALA publishes their recordings available to those who can't attend, and I don't think that decreases the attendance level. 


Thank you all for your interest in the content of the XTRF Summit Program!

4 client presentations are available on the XTRF Summit's website: https://summit.xtrf.eu/ Three of them are user cases (joined in one video) and the fourth is the panel discussion in which our clients participated. When it comes to remaining presentations given during Summit 2019 we have been preparing and publishing articles on our blog (and in our weekly newsletter) based on them. You can already find 5 articles from this series under the following links:


We hope you enjoy this content and of course, we hope to see you all in Krakow at the next XTRF Summit 2020 in September! Here is a link to the registration: https://summit.xtrf.eu/tickets.html