GitHub and XTRF Integration

Kenneth Larmer 2 years ago in API updated by Jose Uribe 2 months ago 6


Has anyone integrating XTRF with GitHub?

We have a client inquiring about the integration and I’m wondering if anyone has had any success with this?

Thanks in advance,



Hey Kenneth,

What kind of integration are you thinking about - can you please share some use cases? One- or two-way? 

I believe the main goal here would be to have file versioning and I'm not sure GitHub is the best tool for this particular case, as it might be tricky to work with decentralized repositories. Have you considered using, for example, Google Drive or Dropbox? That would be a lot easier to develop and way more friendly to use. 


Hi Bartosz,

Thank you for your reply.

The client in queston uses GitHub to house their XML files. Their current approach to localization is that they have to download the XML files from GitHub, upload to our CP, we translate and deliver through the CP, client downlads files and commits to GitHub. They expressed an interest in exploring the possibility of integrating this (posting the files for translation from GitHub to our XTRF instance and then our XTRF instance pushing the files back to GitHub).

Our CAT tool has an integration available, but my concern with this approach is that we are by-passing XTRF. My prefered approach would be integrate via XTRF and use XTRF to pass the files to the CAT tool. 

We are starting to see more an more inquiries in relation to GitHub.




Hi Kenneth,

Thanks for clarifying the workflow.

It is possible to implement such integration using Client Portal API and Git client, however there're still some more things to figure out, for example dealing with conflicts or even there's a need to take a one step back and consider if pushing should really be the "pushing" in Git terms or just a pull request for particular repo. Is there only one repository per project or one for all projects? 

Nevertheless, such integration is doable but as far as I'm concerned was not yet developed by any of our Clients nor by internal XTRF teams. 

Hi Bartosz and Keneth,

We are also needing this kind of Github XTRF integration, and what Kenneth said matches perfectly our current needs. Any new insights or recommendations you could share with me?

Thanks a lot!


Hi Jose,

While I don't think there's an out-of-the-box commercial solution for this, at BeLazy we have developed an API that can push any kind of files into XTRF, and return them to the source system. There's also an app for Integromat, which also offers a Github app that I believe can download and upload a file, or watch new pull requests.




While I don't know for sure whether this is a solution to your use case, if it is, this integration can be set up within a couple of hours max and probably clarified within the same hour.

Thanks a lot, István!!

I will study the options you share with me, actually seem quite interesting for our current needs. Really appreciate your suggestions :)