2 Vendor Email Questions - how to export vendor email addresses and how to create a vendor mailing list...

mark 2 years ago updated by Łukasz Kaleta (Senior Customer Success Manager) 2 years ago 6

I'm trying to send an email to a number of my vendors. I created a view that I wanted to export to use as a mailing list, but now I realize that I can't add "Email" as a column in my vendor view. Is this not possible?

Related question... If I can't export email addresses, could I use the 'mailing list' feature to email within XTRF? I've never used it but I can't find any information on this feature in the knowledge base.

Thanks for the assistance!

Well, never mind on the first question. I just realized that I need to do this in the Vendor Contact view not the Vendor Vendors view.  :)

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Try https://knowledgebase.xtrf.eu/display/XTRFHelp/Create+E-mail - it is a bit out-dated in terms of screen shots, but contains valid info on managing Mailing Lists.

Hope that is helpful.

Thanks so much. However, I did look at that page earlier, and the information about creating a mailing list is incomplete. I does say, 

When you select this, a new window appears. Enter a name for your mailing list and click .

And I was able to do that. 

However, how do you use it? Is the mailing list based on a view? Do I add individuals manually? Where/how do I add individuals to a list?

Not a huge priority, but if it was possible, I'd love to be able to use it.


When you select a bunch of recipients manually, you may choose to save the selection as a mailing list. It will be there for re-use next time you want to write to them.


Hope I understood your right, but let me share this screenshot with you. Depending on whether you want to contact the vendor company or the vendor contact person, you will have to go in respective section of XTRF Vendors.

Easiest to try out this feature by testing with internal vendors.

Great. I didn't know about that "send via CRM" function. It seems that you can send via CRM, and then when you're in the CRM page, you can add that group of people to a mailing list for future re-sends. We'll be giving that a try.