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We're trying to do a gap analysis of our current vendors in XTRF and combine it with or projected needs. I am trying to export our vendors in a way that lists each vendor with their language pairs and services offered. I think what I would want is to have each vendor listed multiple times - once for each language pair/service offered. That way I could put the data into a BI tool or an excel pivot table, and generate a report of number of vendors offering which service, which language pair, current rating etc... Can I do this?

Currently I'm trying this in the smart views on the vendor tab. But all I can do is export a single field that has all the language combinations and no services. 

Am I missing something? Is there a work around?

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Dear Mark,

Can you let me know if this kind of export would fill your expectations? Or what kind of information it is lacking?

XTRF-Vendor Rate-2018-02-21 17_52 CET.csv

It looks like that could work. Where in XTRF did you export that from? I would want to share this with my vendor manager, but it looks like the structure would work with what I'm looking for.


Dear Mark,

I have allowed myself to create such view on your instance, it is named "Report by Bartosz" and it is on the Vendor Price Profile level.

I can see one issue that it can take only one vendor into consideration but maybe with a certain macro, you could gather all information you need on one CSV file. I can ask our customization team if you want to

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Funny, there are so many parts to XTRF I didn't even think about looking at the vendor price profiles section for this data.

Having said that, I don't see your report. This is what I see... Am I looking in the right place? 

Dear Mark,

Go into a price profile directly and go to the bottom of that page!

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Ah, I see. Thanks! However, this requires me to export report vendor by vendor - or can this be pulled for multiple vendors? 

I created a report on the Vendors: Price Profile tab called 'Review/Pairs Services'. This report is closer to what I'm looking for. This is pulling all vendors that offer a specific language combo, for a specific service and specialization if necessary. That way I can report to my team something like...

* For SP  > EN translators, we have 500 translators, 100 of them have never been used, 150 of them have 4.5 rating and above. 

And use this data to forecast our recruitment needs.

But, I'd like to be able to do this for all language pairs, all vendors, and use a BI tool or a pivot table to easily extract this data.

Is this possible without custom programming?

Dear Mark,

It is really hard for me to estimate if it is possible or not, I suggest to contact our service desk and they will proceed with that request.

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I've already done this kind of riport. I can help you creating this.

Is there anything you haven't done?? :)


Unfortunately yes. :-)

Does anyone else have any thought on how you all review the existing vendors in your XTRF database? Is there an easier or better way? Sometimes I make things more complicated than necessary. :)

We are having moderate success analyzing vendors from a demand point of view, i.e. the starting point is the service/job and language combination. For each of those categories we will want a certain number of preferred vendors (status active and ranked via specific evaluation) plus a few backup candidates that we leave unrated to clearly distinguish. That approach takes care of our needs and helps the HR manager to identify necessary actions periodically.

Here's my related question and observation...

How do you pull that data out? You can get at some of it from the "Select Vendor" during the vendor assignments/selections, you can get some of it out of the Vendor:Price Profile view, and you can get it from looking at individual vendors. However, there are a few pieces of data that get aggregated that I can't figure out how to access.

1) Vendor Evaluation per service/language pair. The only place I can find this would be in the project "Jobs" view. But that won't include new vendors without jobs.

2) Vendor # of completed jobs per service/language pair. Same as above.

Maybe the answer is the only way to do this is to export a jobs view and a vendor price profile view and join them externally.

Maybe I'm missing something or over thinking it...

Hi Mark. Not sure about 2) because we do not pull that data on service/language pair level. Regarding 1), we use a Smart View in the Vendor section and then go through one service/language pair at a time. That allows us to see the Specific Evaluation on that level. Once the initial ranking is done, the periodic monitoring (in our case, every three months), is fairly easy. Of course, if you actively sell over a hundred service/language pair combinations, it might be too time-consuming of an approach.

You hit it on the head. We have too many language pairs to easily review in that manner. We need to be able to get out many pairs to summarize, and review based on our projected needs. Thanks for the feedback though.


Not sure if too late at this point in the conversation, but I am trying to generate a report containing rates of all translators per language combo, in order to be able to create budgets on those particular language combos and I do not seem to be able to find how.

In order for me to make accurate or semi accurate predictions in regards to the data base and budgets for each language combo we have, i would definitely need a report, with each and every active translator and his rate *let's say, for translation alone* I can make an average in excel, but I don't know how to make this report possible.

If you have any feedback, I would very much appreciate it.

Thanks so much!


We do something like this, but it's a pain. We have to be selective because you need to run a report for each language pair and specialization. So it's time consuming. I assume we could write a macro for this, but we haven't gone down this path. Here's a screenshot, is this what you're looking for?

Hi Mark,

This would be helpful indeed, but I cannot see the filters the way you show them. No matter what I edit, I cannot see the rates. :( not sure why. I do not have the filter "Rates" 

Any feedback on how to add it maybe?

Thank you so much for taking time to reply!


Hi Codruta,

It could be a matter of:

1. two different versions you both are using -a re you using the latest? or 

2. being on a different view - are you sure you switched from Vendors to Price Profiles at the top of the page?

Hope that helps.

Just so you know, I'm on version 8.0.10 using smart projects exclusively. And yes, the only place we can do this in the price profiles section.

As for a filter, we don't have a filter for rates either. That isn't an option. But we have Rates>Rates as a column. The issue that we had to figure out is we initially didn't realize that in the filters, you need to have the job type, source, target, specialization, and calculation unit all selected to a single option. If any one of those fields are blank, or have more than one selection, the rates won't populate.  

Maybe that helps??