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New Views and Filters

Bartosz Gumuła (XTRF Deployment & Training Specialist) 2 years ago updated by Sancho Leath 2 years ago 8

Currently, in XTRF there are a lot of Smart Views that exist by default.

Together with our Product Owner, we decided that it's time to verify their usefulness and see which ones you are using the most and which you rarely find beneficial.

Please let us know what are your needs and expectations from Smart Views around the entire XTRF platform and where you would like to see improvements.

In that particular topic we would like to focus on a default set of views and its filters so please share any ideas that you have.

Side Note: If you find any of the ideas below useful, you can easily implement them in your system. Here is a lesson in XTRF Academy done by my colleague Maciej



I'll get this started.

I'm not specifically sure which view is helpful or not. But I find two issues that I come up against frequently.

First of all, we create lots of custom views and it gets messy. I'd love to have the ability to organize my views so we can sort or organize them into folders.

Second, the sharing permissions is frustrating. I wish we had more control over sharing views. Currently, if I share a view, the person who I share with can't edit it. That leads to more copying and creating new views, leading to more messiness.

That's my first thought.... I'll try to think some more.

Under review

Thank you, Mark,

What idea do you believe would help you most when it comes to organizing views? Something similar to current Client Offices feature?

About sharing, Katarzyna in the post below has valid point and we believe the same, sometimes an owner of a view don't want it to be changed for whatever reason.


We only use the default Smart Views as a reference to build our own views. So the short answer is, none of the default views are really used by us in daily practice. After we created our own views based on your default suggestions, we ended up deleting your default views. Therefore, I don't see the harm of offering to many default views from your side, which gives the user admin enough options to build on.

Specific suggestions for Smart Views:

- Do not restrict the selection of available fields/columns ... this has to be the most annoying, as we have to build virtual columns to compute information that is readily available in the system, but merely is not included in the list of available columns for the configuration of the smart view.

- Allow sorting and filtering by virtual columns

- Allow sorting by each and every column; currently sorting is only possible by certain columns, not quite sure what the logic is

- Use Smart Views features in all lists of the Smart Projects page, such as highlighting as you hover over line, count of selected/available lines, sorting and filtering features, etc.

We're on the same page as Sancho, we customize all our Smart Views, though it is no problem that there are many default views.

- What we miss is a categorization of the views as Mark already mentioned. We use loads of Smart Views through the browser API to create our own reporting and we would like to have some structure in them.

- Sharing permissions are not usefull, we would like the views to be edited by anyone if it is shared with them.

- The origin field of a quote/project doesn't show the correct field value, within the project it shows the url of the request form, within a view it shows a generic string like '

- Sorting on Virtual Columns would be great

- Filtering on Virtual Columns would be great as well

- Having HTML available within virtual columns that can execute custom functionalities like a button is really missing. If javascript could be included we could add custom actions so we can automate even more

- Make sorting possible for Smart Views through the API


I agree with most of the above suggestions. 

However I have a slightly different opinion on the shared views. Some of the shared views shouldn't be edited by anyone except for the owner. We have a few of them and want to keep them the way they were prepared. How about a checkbox like "Let others edit the view"?

I'd also love to be able to share views not only with a user group, but also with a particular user. Sharing with a group, when the view is just for one person, makes a lot of mess.

Agreed. Allow sharing with individual users and/or user groups. And share as view only or with edit rights.

Thank you for your replies!

Those ideas are really awesome but this is more of an improvement to how Smart Views are currently working.I will gather them together later on and post them on Ideas forum so we can vote again,

What I am really trying to achieve with this topic is to get the idea of what can we change in our current default to help not as experienced XTRF users as you!


We are happy to help you and your new customers, and are even willing to do so for free, Bartosz. But give us "experienced users" something in return too. It's a two-way road.