How to show client/vendor VAT and complete address on invoices

PManca 2 years ago updated 2 years ago 4


we're new to XTRF and it looks like vendor invoices submitted through the portal and client invoices created in XTRF do not show vendor/client VAT number and complete address. Where can we configure this setting so that the complete details are visible?


Issue solved, thank you!

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Hi Lukasz, 

yes, we checked all the guides and the configuration settings but cannot find a way to have these details showing on the invoice. By the way, the invoices appearing in the tutorial videos also only show customer's name and (incomplete) address - street but not city nor country, and no customer VAT nr. Can you please advise?


It turns out this is a known issue in that version and it has been fixed in the upcoming one to be released later in February.

I think we can update the two English templates that you mention: vendor account statement and client invoice, that is.

Unless you are OK with waiting a bit more for the system upgrade?

Hi Lukasz, it would be great if you could update the templates since we now have to edit manually each invoice.