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Trying to determine on-time delivery... "Actual delivery date and time" doesn't seem to fill...

mark 2 years ago updated by Jolanta Wantuła 8 months ago 6

We're trying to use XTRF to evaluate an on-time delivery metric. We can compare the project deadlines to the project close date. However, in many cases, the date a project is closed is different than when it was delivered. And if you go into an old project to change something, the project close date then updates. 

I started looking at "Actual delivery date and time" and realized that I have no data in this field. 

So two questions.

1) Do others have a metric of on-time delivery in XTRF? How do you do it?


2) What is the "Actual delivery date and time" supposed to track? Are we doing something wrong? Is this field not used in Smart Projects?


I agree, this metric would be helpful to track but is not so useful now as "actual delivery date and time" corresponds to the close date, rather than when it was delivered through our system. We usually keep projects at least until the client confirms receipt, and often until we've had a post mortem/debrief call which may be a few days later; also, on large and/or rush projects we may not put in vendors for POs until after the project is delivered (classic projects). Just a few reasons why the project close date may not be the delivery date, and that we'd prefer to track the true delivery from within the workflow graph rather than project close.

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Mark, the field is not used in Smart Projects yet.

There are 2 reports that are currently useless because of that fact (they only work with Classic Projects):

  1. "Number of Projects Finished on Time"
  2. "On-time delivery rate of projects" ("Number of Tasks Finished on Time" is in use)

We have added support for the Actual Start and Actual Close Dates to Smart Projects lately (if you do not run on a 6.x version, expect it in ver. 7).

Delivery dates are still to be added - please refer to https://xtrf.userecho.com/forums/1-product-development-ideas/topics/587-history-of-file-delivery/ and upvote that topic!

Sorry for the inconvenience it causes.

Got it. Thanks.

Hello, anyone was able to generate the on-time delivery metric for Smart projects? We were requested to deliver it for the ISO audit so any help is appreciated.


We ended up adding a custom field at the project level - a date & time picker and we named it "Actual Delivery Date". We instruct our PMs to fill this field in based on when they deliver the project - which is frequently different than the project close date for various reasons. Then in our reporting, we calculate the difference between the Client Deadline field and this Custom Field Actual Delivery Date. Not ideal, but it works for us.



It would be great if XTRF could add this as a standard field in Classic Projects (and in Smart ones for other companies as well for sure). Good to hear though that it can be added as a custom field for now.

We also have ISO requirements to fill, like others using XTRF, but apart from the procedural requirement, it would be great to just be able to see places for improvement with PMs this way and also be able to use it in discussions with customers.