Can you create links to specific files in personal vendor folders?

mark 2 years ago updated 2 years ago 6

I want to be able to share vendor resumes with our team, without needing to have individuals search for the vendor, and then click through to the resume. Is there a way to share a link to a file so if a team member is already logged in, I can link to the specific file? Or the specific folder?


Mark, the files uploaded to vendor profiles are accessible through the file system (unlike the ones in Smart Projects).

If you can make the XTRF's main vendor directory available to your team, then it would be a matter of navigating through the names and IDs of your vendors - pretty easy.

Great to know. Could you give me or direct me towards a bit more information on this? Is it simply about replacing the end string of the URL with the directory structure? I did try that but it didn't work - but I probably didn't do it correctly.

Browsers will not allow you to create links to your file system resources nowadays.

The default folder XTRF creates for each vendor on server's disk is


So just to be clear, this means I can't make XTRF's main vendor directory available to my team... But if I could, that would have been the URL...

I have tried this and I don't get a browser error. I get an xtrf error saying "oops something went wrong".

The link I'm trying to use is this...


I can assure you that such a URL will not work.

If I am not mistaken you can arrange for sFTP access to your XTRF instance. The vendor folders among them. Do contact our service desk for details.

That's helpful. I'll reach out to our service desk. Thanks.