Question about standard Project / Quote Names

mark 3 years ago updated by Łukasz Kaleta (Senior Customer Success Manager) 3 years ago 6

I'm in a question asking mood... How do people standardize (or not) their project and quote names? 

We standardized our project quote names by this structure:

"Reference/Short Description - # Files - Sub Service (If applicable)"

In our old system, we'd include the client name in the project name too, but with XTRF that's not necessary. This system allows the PM a certain amount of data at a glance when looking at their project dashboards.

Anyone else?

Hi Mark,

We´ve implemented the following numbering structure, all quotes/projects get this by default (XTRF generates it): Customer#_yyyymmProject#. Thus the project name can be anything we like.

An example would be C000999_20179615: Birth Certificate


hi Mark,

we differentiate between quotes and projects by adding a "Q-" in front of our quote name. They are structured this way: 

project: "yyyymm4digitproject#-projectsubject"

quote: "Q-yyyymmdigitquote#quotesubject"

eg project: "2017091234-Annual Report"

eg quote: "Q-2017091234-Annual Report"

smt to take into account, is the 4 digit number or even consider a 5 digit one if your company potentially processes more than 9999 projects a month.

Good luck

It's interesting that you both put year and project number in the name, since that's reported in XTRF in any view. But you find that helpful. We decided to leave those out for ease of reading...

Just an numeric ID with P or Q prepended

Quotes: Qnnnnnn

Projects: Pnnnnnn

When converting a quote to a project, the number remains the same: Q123456 - > P123456. The numbers from quotes and projects are taken from a single counter, so there will be no gaps in the numbering.

We had to remove that initial code because projects are created in memoQ at the Quote stage. If anyone has a solution to this (i.e., having the project created in memoQ without the first letter, that would be nice to know). The desired outcome would be Quote = Qnnnnn, Project = Pnnnnn, Project in memoQ = nnnnnn.