how to delete inactive users in XTRF?

Gonzalo 3 years ago updated by Marcin Jakubowski 2 years ago 4

How should we delete inactive users in XTRF? When someone leaves the company we set their user as inactive but at some point it'd be useful to be able to remove them from the system... when using reports and in KPIs we always get results for inactive users that are not needed. Currently we cannot delete those users from the system as they are assigned to workflows or previous projects.

In deed is almost impossible to delete users, there should be a simple way to delete them.


Historic data suffers if you delete users.

When you run reports for a given period of time and users left before that time, they will not appear in the results.

If you allow deleting users, some data in those reports will not be accurate.

Is keeping clean register of users really more important than data accuracy?


Why don't you just not delete them entirely but hide them in some way from the UI? I'm not an expert but I think this is called a 'soft-delete' in the database realm. The user thinks they deleted someone/a project etc., but in fact, they only hid them, which serves both purposes of data accuracy and clean register of users. Curious about your thoughts on this. Thanks!


You should be able to make an user inactive, hiding it from the selection list.

Moreover, the GDPR requirements in next XTRF version will allow to anonymize the user, effectively stripping the database of his/her personal data, leaving only the necessary data structures. Would that be sufficient for "deleting" user?