Change customers?

Ted 3 years ago updated by Konrad Gorszczak 3 years ago 3

One of our PMs chose the wrong client when starting a project.  We didn't notice until the invoice was returned.  Is there any way I can change the customer?

Dear Ted,

In order to change a Customer in a Project, there are two conditions which have to be met:

-this has to be a Classic Project (this option is unavailable in Smart Projects)
-none of the tasks can be invoiced.

If you are working on Smart Projects only, the workaround for this is to create process template based on project and create a new one with this template.


Why is the option unavailable in Smart Projects?

Currently, this functionality is unavailable due to structure design, however, it is being considered as the future improvement and discussed in this User Echo article. We really appreciate if you can take the part of it.