Existing vendors should be able to update their IT tools and other data

mark 3 years ago updated by Łukasz Kaleta (Senior Customer Success Manager) 3 years ago 5

It seems to us that an existing vendor should be able to update the data they enter in the portal (other than the items that need approval).  For example, a vendor wanted to update their IT tools and they had to email our vendor manager. This should be part of the back end for the vendors.


Software (CAT tools and Other applications) is a subsection of the Experience tab in the Vendor Portal's Profile module.

This tab is only available for editing if vendor is an individual, a freelancer. If they are a company, an LSP, they cannot update it.

It corresponds with a Home Portal checkbox Individual. Once it is checked, the vendor gets access to the tab.

There are subsections like Education or Professional Experience in the Experience tab that were meant to make uploading of CVs unnecessary. But if you see a space for improvement in this area, please feel free to post a new topic on the Product Development Ideas forum.

Is the CAT tools updated automatically when a vendor assigned to a new job to be translated using a new tool rather than the tools saved on his list?

No, it is not updated automatically. Vendor CAT Tools, assuming they are handed as the System Values, must be then added to the Vendor's profile (Main Data -> IT Tools -> CAT Tools) manually.


@XTRF, does this mean that an LSP cannot update any information on what CAT tools or other software they are using? They would always need to, for example, e-mail a contact person at our company stating they are using a new tool?

Yes, that is correct. And I am not saying this should stay that way. Please suggest it by posting a new topic on the Product Development Ideas forum.