Validation of data for certain fields

Emma Skagerberg 3 years ago updated by Łukasz Kaleta (Senior Customer Success Manager) 3 years ago 3

Would it be possible to add automatic validation of data for certain fields to help users enter data correctly? We are mostly interested in adding check of data for e-mail fields, to avoid incorrect e-mail addresses and bouncing e-mails.

Under review

Email validation is already part of XTRF unless it was turned off on purpose. - See screen shot from client's Address tab below where I tried to enter a doubled @ sign, for instance:

Is there perhaps a particular field or a particular email address that sneaked through this validation?

Ah, you are correct, it seems double @ doesn't work, so we have it turned on. Thanks for letting me know.

But entering "Donald Trump <donald.trump@hotmail.com>" (which will be the format if you copy the name from outlook address field) will be OK to enter in e-mail fields, which was the issue that was raised in this case. It seems to work anyway though when I try to send a test e-mail (to myself, not to Donald ;)), so probably no big issue.

But since the topic is raised, it would be good to know what you look for in the e-mail string.



E-mail Address fields should only accept bare emails with the following 3 special characters:

  • @
  • period
  • underscore

I have reported it for fixing - a minor thing but still something that could work better. Tack!