How should we import in-house vendor data?

For our in-house translators and vendors, would it be best to make 1 vendor account with different contact persons, or make a separate vendor account for each member?
Will we be able to see "words translated per person" if we put them in the same vendor account?

The second requirement, to be able to report by the volumes translated per person, makes it clear that your in-house staff has to be added to the database as vendors, not as contact persons of one vendor.


With regard to vendor accounts, I don't see any reason NOT to create separate profiles. It doesn't cost anything :) and you gain more clarity. Every in-house vendor would see the history of their assignments and so would you. 

Gathering multiple vendors under one account is usually when you want to share an assignment with a group / team / company and it's up to them who exactly does the job. Admin-type vendor contact person can reassign a job within Job Manager in Vendor Portal. 

But even if you have a group of in-house vendors as individual vendor accounts, you can send them all an offer and first one to respond will take it. If no one does, you will get to know about it. If you just assigned it to a all-in-one-account vendor, you don't get any notifications about who took the job and whether they actually agree to do it.