Client can not open the delivered files due to too long file name.

Kristine 3 months ago updated by Monika_Bujanowicz 3 months ago 1

Is there a maximum number of characters for a file name for it to be opened by Client?

If you have experienced such a problem, please share what solutions/workarounds are you using?

Thank You! 


If they are receiving the error from Windows, I think it's 260 characters (file path leghth).

I recently had a similar problem (with zip folder), and what worked for me is that I changed name of the file to a single character (I assume if you've delivered the file to the client you are able to open it) and sent ot to the client like this. Then they can save their own copy with the original name.

Alternatively did they try to open from desktop? The number of characters in a file path is much shorter then and it sometimes helps.

I hope this helps, unless I think about a different error they are experiencing.