Provider document organization and efficiency

Peter Clarck 2 months ago updated by Juan (Comunica Translations) 1 month ago 7


My question is: how do others most efficiently get providers/translators to sign documents such as tems & conditions, work agreements, NDA's and also how to make sure that on onboarding they provide you with all of their necassery documentation such as CV, tax documents, educational documents etc. Is there a specific programm people use or some specific method simply to increase efficiency and organiztion?


we do all the document signing in an external platform.

As far as we know, XTRF just allows you to set a text for terms and condictions that the vendors have to accept through a checkbox when they sign up. 
This doesn't comply with GDPR regulations, at least here in Spain.

In regards to documents that don't need to be signed, we just store them in the vendor's profile, under "files & qualifications".
Normally the CV and blind CV.

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Thank you for the reply,

Do you have any suggestions on external platforms to use?

Hi Peter,

similarly to Juan, we sign documentation outside of XTR and we use Adobe Sign for that. In the future I would be considering/testing Panda Doc as it seems to offer additional customisation/automatisation of the whole process.

Hello Peter:

We currently use a platform that I programmed for my company and it is included in our old company ERP (the one we used before XTRF).
We will try to implement Odoo pretty soon, as it has an electronic signature module.
Odoo is an open source CRM.

What we are probably going to implement is a procedure where signing all of our company documentation (working agreements, invoicing instructions, GDPR consent, GDPR data processor, etc.) will be done through Odoo; and then store all other type of documents that don't need to be signed in XTRF, as the CV.

Hope it helps.

Thank you very much for your help, I will test this to see how it works for me!

Hi Juan, do you connect the odoo users with xtrf, or do you run both systems separately?

Also, in xtrf, it is possible to use a link to a predefined document (GTCs, GDPR, or other) within the text for the terms and conditions. That way you can make those documents available.

However, in our experience, vendors overlook the link, so that we send the GTCsto be signed in a separate mail.

This solution is tedious and we'll look into odoo adds an alternative option.

Final point: IF the vendor has already received the documents to be signed, he's actually in aposition to upload them at the same time as his CV. Yetagain, for new vendor unfamiliar with the portal, we've had little success in getting them to upload such files intuitively.

Hello Okeppens.

We are not really going to connect the XTRF users with Ofoo users. I recon is doable through the API... I think Odoo is programmed in Phyton, so that shouldn't be an issue if you have the skills.

That's for letting us know about your procedures. And I agree with you, email handling is tedious.

My best regards.