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Quick question... I just saw the new XTRF Chat. Is this a new feature that is being rolled out, or is this a separate add on that has to be purchased?



Hi @Mark,

we're testing and it seems a free issue.

2 days ago we were not able to see the add on, so I wrote to XTRF's SUPPORT and ...maybe their answer below could help you:

Thursday 14:02

Hello Gaetano,

You are correct, your system is updating automatically. However, currently because of XTRF Chat we have two parallel branches. First with 8.6 version without a chat and second with 8.7 version which includes XTRF chat. your XTRF is updating automatically with 8.6 version. An update to 8.7 may last few minutes and requires a restart of your instance. Please let me know if we can proceed now or would you like to schedule it for specific time.

Kindest regards,


Our test instance is on 8.7.8 but I can't seem to find the chat. According to the screenshots I see it should be between the notifications and help buttons in the top menu.

Anyone else have any luck in locating the chat feature?


Let me confirm: XTRF Chat is free of charge for anyone whose on XTRF 8.7 and wants it activated.

@Thijs: it seems it needs activation on your instance. Let us know if you want it on.

Thanks for checking Lukasz! Could you enable it on our test environment? I would really like to try it out.

Let us know how it goes. We haven't upgraded yet. I'm really curious how useful this is.

Me too, is there any documentation explaining how this will work?