OnCloud Hosting vs. Self Hosting | Updated thoughts?

mark 5 months ago updated by Alexandros 5 months ago 6

I would love everyone's thoughts on self vs. cloud hosting. Essentially an update to this thread: https://xtrf.userecho.com/communities/8/topics/1337-which-server-solution-do-you-recommend

I'm considering moving from the XTRF OnCloud service to a self-hosting model. My two biggest reasons for that is 1) some of my clients require all files reside in the US, so a Germany-based host doesn't work and their Canadian option is kinda-sort-of passable, but not ideal. and 2) The OnCloud is explicitly not HIPAA compliant, and while I'm not HIPAA certified (and am not going to be) it raises enough red flags for a few of my clients that it makes me want to control my hosting environment more closely. Having said that, I would rather not add another complex process or cost to the mix. 

So... How are everyone's experiences with self-hosting? How challenging is doing updates? What are your reasons for self-hosting vs oncloud? What limitations have you experienced with self-hosting? Has anyone transitioned from onCloud to Self, or Self to OnCloud and have experiences to share?

I would love to hear thoughts and feedback.



Installs/updates are fairly good documented, any missing gaps support will help you.

Once you've tried it a few times it's super easy. I had latency issues with one install recently and I had to spin up several instances of XTRF at various hosting providers and in the end you install and update with your eyes closed. :) Should absolutely be no issue for someone that can open a commend prompt in Windows.

One reason I would never go for hosting with XTRF and memoQ are forced updates. Every new software needs several bug fixes before it's safe for production use. Both software solutions are well-known to be very buggy with every new version. Why somebody would want to be a paying beta customer is beyond me.


Hello Mark, we are also on self-hosting (dedicated server). Doing updates is ridiculously easy - you get a notification from User Echo that a new version is available and run one command to update.

The big advantage is obviously how fast the system is (or should be) compared to OnCloud. You can choose a fast server and not share it with anyone. On the other hand, with OnCloud you do not have to worry about anything (such as certificates, vhosts, etc.). Other than that, I don't think there are any limitations at all. We started on self-hosting because, if I remember correctly, the cloud option was not available when we started using XTRF.


Could you do self-hosting by moving to an AWS cloud server here in the U.S, or you would need a server room?

My plan is not on-premise, but a cloud virtual server.  In the past people have said AWS is too cost-prohibitive, but I wonder if that's changed. So, I'm starting to look at the options for hosting. AWS, Google, Azure are all considerations, but again, open to thoughts.

Thanks all for the input.


We've had great experience with AWS, also installing a security cert was super easy. Check for pricing it should not exceed 250 USD per month.


Our monthly cost for a super fast dedicated server from Hetzner is €59 per month. Perhaps you should consider getting one from them or a similar hoster in the US.