Can we add options for sending files per client?

mark 6 months ago 0

I think this would fall in a feature request, but I'm curious if others find this as a need.

We have many clients that want us to deliver their files in different ways. Sometimes the XTRF email with link is fine. And sometimes it doesn't work for a client. At times we have to use proprietary systems, dropbox, simple email with attachments, secure email... There are many variations on what the clients want. 

I would love to see customizable file delivery options that are a setting at the client level. Maybe all it does is select between the XTRF standard email/link, and a customizable text has a link to the files and text the PM could cut and paste with information about the system that has to be used for that client...

Currently, we include this information in the client notes, but sometimes a PM will miss it, and besides, it adds additional steps. I could add a custom variable, but we have an ever expanding list of custom variables that the PMs have to review. It would be best to be able to have a field that somehow adds functionality to the "send files" option in the project view.

Anyone else?

And happy 2020 to all!!