Changing Client for Invoicing - different VAT

Kristine 7 months ago updated by Mateusz Trzeciak (XTRF Deployment & Training Specialist) 7 months ago 1

Help needed.

How do you manage situations when after receiving the invoice, client requests that the invoice should be prepared using different requisites and sometimes that new client is even in a different VAT zone?

For us it is a troublesome process, because we have to register a New Client, change all Tasks to the new client etc.

I this process some of the Receivables change or even disappear.

Maybe you have worked out a better, easier process?

Unfortunately this happens frequently, so any help will be appreciated.

Thank you! 

Hello Kristine,

In such case it is easier to connect such Clients via Offices:

Go to Client -> Main Data -> Offices -> Select Parent Office -> Save

Then you can change Client on the Invoice to any Client that is connected via Offices: Invoice -> Client Data -> Client -> Change.