Vendor Workload View

mark 7 months ago updated by Thijs Senten 6 months ago 5

@XTRF, I just saw on your blog that you released the Vendor Workload view. Is this available for all plans? How do you find it because I don't see it in my instance.



Yes! I couldn't find it either! I would like to test it!


It should be available in the Provider views. In the top right, click this one:

Ah! I see it. Thanks Thijs! Looking forward to seeing how this works. Thanks!!

@XTRF: Have you received enough feedback on this new feature (workload view) to optimize it a bit? We had provided some feedback a while ago, but haven't heard back about any updates on this view. The time horizon selection (e.g., include at least 2-week view) and missing pertinent information (e.g., include at least vendor status and notes) were our most important issues. Because that information is still lacking, our PMs still need to switch back and forth between the two views. And extra clicks is surely not something you were aiming for. Hope to hear some other users comment on this new feature.

Has anyone found a way to sort in this view? Is this possible?