Notification Email Expression Tags Personalisation

laura.orlando 7 months ago updated by Martyna Pałasz (XTRF Deployment & Training Specialist) 7 months ago 5


I've recently changed the header of my notification emails to providers to display certain project info.
The expression tag ${job.shortDescription} displays the languages requested for a project but not in alphabetical order, which is something my provider requested in order to process the file quicker on their side.
Is there another expression tag or multiple ones I can use to obtain this order in the header? 

You have a new Job: [Job code], [Job name], [Languages in A-Z order], [Job Type]

Also is there an expression tag list I can refer to that shows a preview of how the info are going to be displayed?


First of all, how do you know what information you can use (expression tag list)? You can ask the JavaDoc from XTRF, this contains most of the functionalities.
Second, to test this you can best create a Macro (Job) and add your code there. If you are finished with it you just copy it into your Notification e-mail.

About your question

I think you can use ${activity} in stead of job for all your needs.

Job code: not sure what you want to see here, but I think it is ${activity.idNumber}

Job name: Try one of these: 

  • ${activity.displayName}
  • ${activity.projectName}
  • ${activity.taskName}

Job type: ${activity.activityType.displayName}

Languages in A-Z order: I do not understand what you want here, as a job only contains a single source language and a single target language.

- First of all, how do you know what information you can use (expression tag list)?
I edited the email notification Subject Line going to Configuration>Templates>Notifications>Templates, I filtered it to Provider Templates and edited the "New Job" one. As for what the expression tags do, I just guessed by what the tag said...

By languages in A-Z order I mean that every time there is a multi language request, XTRF displays the language codes randomly in the notification subject line and not in alphabetical order:

I was just wondering if there was a way to display the languages in alphabetical order

To know the exact possibilities for the expressions, you should ask one from XTRF for the JavaDoc from XTRF, this contains most of the expressions that you can use. It is a tech-heavy document though.

Regarding the languages. I think these are the language combinations from your project. If you want to have them in alphabetical order you need to add some logic to your expression programatically. I don't think there is a default expression for that.

Ok, thanks for your help.

Laura please contact with your dedicated account manager to ask about expression which will show languages in alphabetical order. I believe it can be custom made for you. :-)

When it comes to already built in expressions you can always use X symbol on template to see search/list of available expressions which might be helpful.