Google Sheets Add On Question - Old Data Remains

mark 11 months ago updated 11 months ago 3

Quick question about the Google Sheets Add On.

I have a spreadsheet that I'm using the google sheets add on. I'm pulling projects that I closed last week. However, when a new week rolls around, while the data updates, if I have fewer records in the new week, XTRF writes all the new fields up to the last current record, and then leaves all the old data. So, some of the old data remain in what is supposed to be one week of data.

Does that make sense? Do I have some settings wrong for this?


I have another Google Sheets Add On question. I'm trying to import data from "Last Week". I select my view and copy the URL into the add on field. But what seems to happen is it hard codes the date range into the import. So rather than getting Last Week at which point every week it updates, I just get hard coded dates and I have to manually update the link each week.

Am I doing something wrong? Maybe I should import an entire year and use Google Sheets to identify the time period, but I was hoping I could simply get a small slice of data out of XTRF.


Hi Mark, did you try to lock the filter for "Last Week"? I think it can help. I am doing it with the filter called Quotes -> Added on (3 weeks before or earlier) and it's updating the date during the import, without pasting the link again and again. 

I hope that helps :)

I'll try again, but that what I think I did. For the parameter, you put the URL in, and the date field seems to be locked in the URL. But I'll take another look at it.