How to access files in partially completed tasks

mark 12 months ago updated by Martyna Pałasz (XTRF Deployment & Training Specialist) 12 months ago 2

I have a project where the task has multiple files. The vendor is delivering the translated documents on a rolling basis. She uploaded the first file, but the other isn't due yet. Because she hasn't marked the job to that task as finished, I can't access the uploaded the file. 

Is there a way to get it? I tried to log in as the vendor in the VP, but it won't let us download. I tried to access the document folder for the project via FTP, but it just shows an encrypted PDF file of some type. 

Any ideas here?


Nevermind. We figured it out. The vendor just has to mark the job as partially completed. Looks like that was the missing link in this situation. 

Please ask your vendor to mark this job as partially finished in vendor portal (or do it by yourself after login in as vendor):

After doing that go back to project in XTRF, refresh view and translated file will be available there.