Can the quote Accept / Reject links be inserted into the PDF template?

mark 1 year ago updated by Bartosz Gumuła (XTRF Deployment & Training Specialist) 12 months ago 6

Is it possible to insert the quote Accept / Reject links into the PDF quote template?

We frequently download the quote PDF and share via email rather than use XTRF for a number of reasons. However, we'd still like to use the automatic accept/reject links by having them embedded in the PDF quote. Is this possible?


Dear Mark,

I have reached out to our customization team and they said that currently there is no such possibility. 

The link itself only works when Quote is in status "Sent" which also could be a problem in your case. 

Please let me know if you have any other question regarding that matter.

Best regards,


Actually, I don't think that would be an issue. We actually like making sure the status is sent. So we usually send the emails but we edit the to address to ourselves, to mark the quote as sent. It's one of our convoluted adaptions that work for us for some reason. So... if we do understand that the status needs to be "Sent", then xcould this work??

Any thoughts on this? If the reason it wouldn't work is simply because of the "sent" status, I don't think that's a barrier. I would actually see that as a benefit so the links can be disabled as they are in the email.

Not to hound you on this Bartosz, but should I move this from UserEcho to a support request? I just would like to know if this is a reasonable option to develop. It seems like it is from your answer, but I'm not sure.

Dear Mark, 

Sorry for the late response, had a quite busy week.

It seems like an option for development but it isn't just simple customization, so I have no idea what the estimation is going to be like. I suggest reaching your KAM as this might be a case for him/her rather than a support.

I wish you a great week!

Best regards,

If this solution would work, I think we would like to have this too.

Having a record of the client's approval of the quote is an ISO 17100 requirement afaik. We would like to send the email with the quotes attached, but most of our clients require data to be password protected, so we do not use this function.

Now we do not really keep a record of the approval, except for emails from the client. It would be much better if we could keep track of it in XTRF. Either the solution of adding the link to the PDF template or making it possible to password protect attachments in XTRF would work for us.