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Created On Date for Quotes

mark 1 year ago updated by Bogusław Reich (XTRF Product Owner) 1 year ago 4

Another quote related question in Smart Projects.

First of all, there is no date sent field other than 'created on' field. That would be helpful since sometimes these dates are different. 

But my real question here is about how we use the 'created on' field. Sometimes we send out a quote and the client doesn't want to approve it for a few weeks or even months. By that point, the client has asked us to update the date field. The 'created on' date isn't editable. So, our option seems to be -  reject the quote, clone the opportunity (or just duplicate the quote), and then create new receivables so a newly created date can be used. However, since duplicated quotes don't duplicate the receivables, then we have to duplicate that work. 

1) Is there another option to update a created on date? Does it have to be another custom field?

2) Is there a way to copy existing receivables onto a new quote?

3) And of course, are others seeing this issue?

Finding a solution for this has my upvote

Created on field is populated automatically with a date on which system entity (specific quote) was created, this is the purpose of this field and the reason why you can't edit it.

When quote is converted into project, there's another field, Odrered on, which is editable. So if client asks you to update the creation date with the date of approval (if I understand this correctly), maybe this field may suit your needs? If no, I'm afraid that only option left is to store this date in a custom field, like you've suggested.

There's no way to copy receivables between quotes.

That doesn't really help in two ways. FIrst, at times the client wants a new quote date for their records. We sometimes have quotes that are months old and the client want 'refreshed' data. We could create a new quote, but that seems like a lot of work when we can't fully duplicate quotes.  Second, we actually are ok with the create date. But what we do want is another date field for the quote, something like sent date, or quote date, that allows us to measure the distance between the original date and and if it's been resent. Kind of an aging report that allows us more flexibility. I think one solution would be a date field that records when a quote is sent through the system. We could create a custom variable, but that would require a revision of our quote templates and it would require another manual step for something that should be automated.

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Hi Mark. There's an improvement suggestion already posted for that:


We'll do our best to prioritise this improvement.