How to add CAT analysis percentages to each specific client?

Hello Everyone,

You know that we might not always use the same percentages for pricing for each client. We might agree on special percentages with a client and we want to define these for each specific client instead of seeing the same percentages at all clients while doing the assignments. How can we do that? Can you please help us?


You can set TM Rates in the client price profile.

TM Rates percentages for all clients are set under:

Clients and Vendors -> Client Settings -> Default Values -> Price Profile

If you want to specify separate rates for individual clients, you can do that by going to

Client -> Rates -> TM Rates and setting it manually.

This is of course about changing Percent of rate value. There's no way for now to change percentages tresholds for Match Types on TM Rates, which are set permanently in the system.