Crisis - no access to vendor portal. Anyone else?

mark 1 year ago updated by Maciej (XTRF Senior Deployment & Training Specialist) 1 year ago 5

I'm curious. THis morning we can't log onto the vendor portal nor can many (or all???) of our vendors. We're on the hosted solution. Is anyone else having this issue? 

Not having this particular issue, Mark. VP has been working for us as usual.

What about 8.2? Have you and your team had any issues with bugs since the latest rollout?

We haven't been upgraded yet so we have no experience with 8.2.

I was told that my issue was probably related to a browser update, which I don't understand. But no one else had any issues??

One of our vendors reported having this problem a few days ago. After restarting the browser the problem was solved.