PM photo in email signature

Kristine 2 years ago updated by Reinis Straume (LMI:T) 2 years ago 6

Is it possible to have an individual photo in each PMs signature in XTRF? 

At the moment is seems that the photo included in our project manager's signature can not be personalized and changed for each project manager?

Has somebody managed to do that?

Thank you! 


Yes. Just add an image in the user management section. Select a user to edit, then click on the 'social media' tab. You can upload images there.

Thank you, Mark! Awesome. Just did that. Should I do anything else to make the photo show up correctly in our signature that was already there (only without photo)? 

With the default settings, I'd suggest that you make sure the photo you include is square so it doesn't get smushed. That's all I can think of. 

Thank you! Does anyone have any ideas why our images show up out of focus? I tried uploading them in different sizes, all in perfect squares (and in the size XTRFs footer templates expect), but they're always blurry for some reason. Does anyone know the recommended image dimensions?