Client Settins > SDL CAT grid with Machine Translation by default

Laura Jimenez 2 years ago 0

In the lastest version of XTRF, v8.1, there is an important change that is causing us some problems with the client.

The SDL Studio CAT grid says:

New/AT. (AT stands for Automatic Translation) (see image below)

in Spanish: Nuevo/Traducido automaticamente (New/automatically translated) (see image below)

in German: Neu/MT

Every time we send a Quote or a Project Confirmation to a client, we need to explain (and promiss) that Machine Translation will not be used in the project and sometimes they (the client) are suspicious about that.

would there be a way to get rid of that AT or MT?

is anyone facing similar problems?

why this AT or MT is included by default in the CAT grid if not MT is used?