Equal spread automatic invites

Krijn 2 years ago updated by Meghan Cooper 6 months ago 7

in automatic vendor selection rules there currently seems to be no way to ensure an equal spread among a group of translators. You can sort based on a number of criteria but this always the same order so all jobs for a given client and language combination always go to the same vendor first. We believe that is not fair. Does anyone find this a problem as well? Any suggestions how to deal with this?


We created a custom field that gets updated every 15 minutes with a random number. Vendors in the pool are sorted on that number, so this means the order changes every 15 minutes. This works reasonably well for us.

Hi, out of curiosity, how do you update it every 15 minutes? Through the API or is there another way?

It's part of a macro that does a number of things for us.It's run by a periodic job that's set to run every 15 minutes. 

That sounds very interesting! So you do that through a macro then?

Yes - sorry, I edited my answer after you got the notification probably ;-)

Hi Thijs,

thanks. This sound like a good suggestion and we will try it out.

We would love a solution to this as well. The macro Thijs mentioned seems like a good workaround for now, but I believe there is a need for the system to have the option randomize the job selection in a way.