Additional Person(s) Responsible field

Kara 2 years ago updated by mark 2 years ago 5

The additional person(s) responsible field in the client sales data tab -- we've found that we can't filter to this information, can't add a data column with this information to a client view, and the additional person responsible doesn't appear in client portal. 

Any idea how to search for this information? Is it accessible somehow? Do you use it? 

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Hi Kara

This additional person responsible can be used in notification templates. For example, you can add this person (user) in the CC of some (or all) automatic system notifications sent to your clients.

This way that user will get automatically a copy off those notifications.

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Thanks for the response. But to follow up, does this mean that there is no way to report on it or pull out a list of 'responsible people' other than sending an email?

I'm afraid not. This feature was intended to keep more users "in the loop" of the automatic system notifications sent to a particular client.

Not for reporting, form XTRF perspective, there is usually one user responsible. If you need more than one person responsible with the possibility of reporting, then you have to engage Custom Fields.

I get it, but there are cases where you have large projects with a lead pm and then multiple support. Or you need multiple people to be on the team for a large project that needs coverage of more than one person.