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We use a modified version of the XTRF Quote / Project / Invoice templates, but we want to customize them more. I'm realizing that these templates are so complicated for our clients to read. I see to primary issues. First, most of our clients don't know what a CAT analysis is, so the CAT / TM discounts just confuse them. Second, the way Project/Tasks are laid out are unclear to many of our clients. In a quote, they see a summary, and then a series of tasks spread out into multiple tables. In Invoices, for larger clients that have many projects, some of their invoices are 25 pages or longer. It's just not that functional. 

Has anyone customized their templates to address these issues? For the first issue, I'm considering customizing a template that doesn't lay out the CAT analysis in the detail but only puts a repetition / TM discount. And for a sophisticated client, we sent their custom templates to include the CAT analysis.

For the second issue, I don't know what to do. I am considering creating a customized template the includes details all in a single table, to reduce space and make it a more clear list. But I think that would mean I wouldn't be able to include task-level project minimums. I may be thinking of this wrong, and I'm just over thinking this.

Has anyone given this any thoughts?


We customized our templates to include less data for the very same reasons you mentioned.

You can open the ".rptdesign" files in Eclipse IDE (https://www.eclipse.org/downloads/packages/release/juno/sr2/eclipse-ide-java-and-report-developers). 

You may need some help from XTRF support for setup: they gave me 1-hour training to get started, but it was worth the money :)

Then, you can do whatever you want with your templates. Removing parts is particularly easy with the "Delete" key...


We did (and do) the same. Most of our default invoice templates include few specifications, because otherwise they quickly run into 25 pages or more. Only when clients ask for more details do we include them.

Deleting is easy indeed - it's adding things where it gets interesting (and complex!).


We have customized the templates six ways to Sunday. We have different templates with different TM match grids for different clients (the grid to be shown is configured in client settings so we do not need a template for each different grid). 

Note that in a BIRT template you can limit the visibility of objects (tables, rows and so on) conditionally, so you do not need to delete anything to make it non-visible.

Also, you will want to change page breaking to avoid those 25 page quotes and invoices.

I will definitely need support time from XTRF on this, but before I go there, I need to get a handle on what we want to get done - so I appreciate your input. 

Also, didn't @XTRF say they were going to create a webinar or training on editing templates? I'd love to go further than my current skills whichis limited to selective deleting. 

Sorry to be late to the party, Mark. But we also spent a lot of time and money in getting our invoice template customized to our needs. The default template did not work for us at all. If you can take Thijs' route and have someone within your company who has the necessary IT skills to do this for you, I would recommend that. The back and forth and misunderstandings with the XTRF Customization Team cost me a few years of my life. Wouldn't want to go through that again. Much success!

I had a similar experience with my first round of changes. :)