API and vendor data

mark 2 years ago updated 2 years ago 6

I would like to be able to update vendor data via the api. We're about to implement a new reference check system for all our vendors, and would like to connect it to XTRF. At minimum, I'd like to be able to update a custom vendor field that populates "reference checked out" or "in progress" etc... I'd do more if possible. 

Looking at the API documentation, it seems that there is no Vendor Portal API, and the Home Portal API has a few vendor fields (including custom fields) but they are all get, and no post or put. 


1) Am I right? Is it not possible to update vendor data via the API?

2) Is there a work around? What about a macro that updates vendor data, and is accessed via the API. Is that possible? 

3) Has anyone else tried to access vendor data via the API? 


Hey Mark. I know for a fact that API is not available for the Vendor Portal. Not sure anymore where it is ranked on the XTRF roadmap.Of course, it would be great to have, probably our biggest reason for considering more own API actions. Won't it be enough to connect to Home Portal API? You should still be able to access main vendor data, right? Don't have a current use case for your scenario to present as an example.

Echo Sancho. 

1) Yeah, there is no update feature I know of.

2) Macros sound interesting. Not sure exactly what you would have it read to do the update though. Other option is if you are not doing the SaaS model, like if you have your own server and have access to the postgre database, maybe you could somehow create a program that updated it directly, but might not work, I don't know what the EULA says on that.

3) Yeah, we looked into it, like Sancho said. Since there are some features and automations that don't exist and we'd like to augment, it would (will?) be real nice to have a vendor portal API, but I think the ideal thing is to give the home portal API more access to all aspects of the system, instead of just read only. The way that in classic projects you can't start a quote unless you fake a login as the client is just weird. It's great that that has been straightened out in Smart Projects, but we are still waiting for a few features to be added/worked out before we transition to Smart (we tried, but the way we run large projects and how our clients expect certain data in the system (rich text note fields etc.) didn't work out.  But the day is coming, I can feel it.

Thanks for the feedback.

I was hoping I was reading the documentation wrong or my documentation was out of date. I would actually be fine to use the Home Portal API, but the vendor fields in the home portal are almost all read only, no updating. And yes, I'm using the SaaS model so we're very limited in access to the database. 

Cori, I do agree that having more home portal API access would make a big difference and would add tremendous usability. It's all the read only fields that is really limiting me.

From what I see here, it seems that what I want to do is either not possible, or would probably require so many work arounds that it's not worth it. 

I would strongly support opening up the Home Portal API more. That would be really useful for us.


Hi, the latest Xtrf version support macro's with parameters triggered via API, that's a solution.

I do agree that more API functions would be great. 

ps: Looking at all succesfull software an extinsive API is a key success factor.




Hi Mark,

Solution #2 would be possible, ie. have a macro first and run it via API. The API method Robrecht has in mind is https://presentation.dev.xtrf.eu/api/doc/users/pages/macros.html

Thanks Lukasz. I will look into this more.