Reviewing New Vendors

mark 2 years ago updated 2 years ago 2

I'm wondering others' experiences with reviewing new vendors. We find that going through the vendor data is a tedious process and requires many clicks, opens, closes and requires about 10 minutes to review a single vendor, just because of the various tabs and data formats that need to be clicked. We ended up hiring someone to only review potential vendors, enter it into a seperate database, which then allows us to review their data, and make decisions on who to reject, and who to follow up with.

This process is much better now than before we were XTRF, but it's still very labor intensive, very time consuming, and we do much of the analysis outside of XTRF.  It seems to me that some interface tweaking, and with a few more features built for reviewing potential applicants, it could be much better.

What are other experiences with reviewing and managing vendors in XTRF? Do others have similar experiences?  


Our database is a mess (no fault of XTRF there) and it is overwhelming to review with all the tabs and fields as you mention. I wonder if there'd be a way to customize per client/team which fields must be reviewed/approved by the VM before activating the vendor, such that it won't let you mark them as active (and puts a red asterisk or something beside that field) until you do. 

I keep thinking it would be helpful to have a back end list of vendors pending review, but I guess this would just be the ones that have the default status ("not confirmed" in our case I think) sorted by date added. Is that how you access and export the vendors to review?

I definitely would like to see a list of vendors who started to sign up on the portal but may have gotten stuck along the way (see suggestion here: https://xtrf.userecho.com/communities/1/topics/634-see-all-pending-vendor-registrations ). Perhaps this list could have a status of "registration complete" or not or something similar.


I too would love that customizable view with fields that need to be reviewed - even a veiw per Vendor rather than just a sprawling list. We created a review rubric that includes 23 data points from the vendor profile - many on various tabs, none accessible by API, and some aren't XTRF data points (ie, a review of the uploaded resume). This would help us more easily review our vendors.