Go to configuration, to User Groups and Rights.

Open one of the listed groups for editing.

Look for "Personal Files" and grant Display and Edit rights to your management, and make sure other groups have these checkboxes unchecked.

You can store agreements etc. in client profile's  Resources > Personal Files tab.


Ok, but to do if we have 2 types of documents: some documents (like style guides, procedure manuals) need to be accessible to everybody and some files (like contracts) accessible only to the management?

The same concerns our vendors. We have some documents which contain sensitive data and should be accessible only to some responsible people and other documents are necessary to the PMs. Is it possible to categorize somehow the files and give different permissions to different people?


I would add the generally accessible documents as Resources of the type "XTRF". They can be then added to Classic Projects just as other, more typical resources like TM's or TB's.

Contracts and documents with limited access rights should go the Personal Files tab as described in my previous comment.


Question... does this mean you are suggesting to add documents per project as resources? Or per client as a resource? If it's the per project, that doesn't work as well because we'd like a solution to having standard style guides or other similar type files available to PMs for every project for a specific client. Is there a way to do that while keeping sensitive data not available? We're really trying minimize personal data sharing in our organization where we can. 

I was suggesting adding public documents per client as resources.

In a Classic Project, you would be able to use them as a resource.

However, for Smart Projects there is a couple of requests that suggest something similar:

Perhaps they all could be merged into the first one in bold.

I think keeping sensitive documents is best achieved as described above.

Concerning the clients' documents, the solution you suggested is not the best, because not all documents we want everybody has acces are resources. For example the Procedure Manuals. Our PMs need to come back time to time and check them.  

What about vendors' documents ? In some cases we need to have their ID documents and we don't want our PMs have access to such personal data. However, we want our PMs be able to access our vendors' CVs which are stored  as well in Files&Qualifications/ Personal Files. Is any possibility to add some specific permissions on the folders, etc?

When it comes to Personal Files tab (client or vendor), it is an either-or situation.

Hi, Asta,

I know it's a last century suggestion, but you can maybe do a workaround by uploading the super-sensitive data to XTRF in a password-protected zip? You can have a master password for this that you share only with the people that need to have access.