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Version 7.0 bugs... Question

mark 2 years ago updated by Michal 2 years ago 7

When we identify a bug in version 7.0, is it being fixed for all instances, or one instance at a time?

And if we are all finding a few bugs here and there, should we all post them in one place so we can all look out for them and help identify if a bug is localized to one instance, or for everyone? This isn't for purposes of complaining, rather, I am afraid that I am not going to find all issues, and would love a little hive mind to help us all make sure we're not sending out incorrect information. Thoughts?

That depends on the type of bug, generally we have two:

  1. software bug, present in the released product, requires fixing by the developers
  2. instance issue - like with custom templates, virtual columns, database entries, specific customer use case

The later is mostly resolved by our helpdesk, the former requires reproducibility testing, some development, QA, software release and delivery. Depending on the priority and other issues in the queue, this usually takes from few days to several weeks. If the instance is hosted onCloud, then the bugfix is delivered within nightly maintenance windows, a day or two after release, for all customers.

Currently, due to the GDPR deadlines, we're all quite busy adapting the system to regulatory requirements, therefore some bugs require more time to be fixed.

However, properly described bug reports, with clear reproduction steps, are welcome.


copy from my bug report to helpdesk - may be helpfulf for others.

Changing encoding settings for CSV/ZIP file exports in System Settings/Defaults tab spontaneously changes other system settings on this settings screen/our hosted instance (build 7.0.9)

We have noticed the following spontaneous and unexpected changes:
- system currency changes from EUR to USD
- system default language changes from Slovak to English, Arabic, etc.
- Default CAT job type changes to random job type

Except for this, selecting an encoding (e.g. Win-1250), clicking Save button at random resulted in other type of encoding (UTF-8, BIG5) beeing displayed as the requested one. Helpdesk was not able to reproduce last night, however we did again today, resulting in the above changes as well.

These items changed withouth clicking on any of them, and have only noticed when different currency was used in quote or system language has changed from all users.

Hosted system, build 7.0.9 dated 2018-05-21 19:19

Sadly, I was also unable to reproduce the issue on this tab, by randomly changing values, or not changing and just saving. The changes were saved as expected. Does this issue appear only on one browser? This may be related to a browser cache, please try from a different browser, preferably one that was never used for XTRF.

I've read your helpdesk ticket and there seemed to be some issue with your database contents after an upgrade. Please check if the configuration is correct now and continue this case within helpdesk.

Hi Marcin, thanks for your response.