Hosted Upgrade to v7

mark 2 years ago updated by Łukasz Kaleta (Senior Customer Success Manager) 2 years ago 5

Has anyone upgraded to version 7 on a hosted account of XTRF? We want to know if there are any challenges with things breaking or needing attention once the upgrade occurs. We're compiling a list of our limited customizations, to make sure we can pay attention to them after an upgrade, but wanted to know if others had experience they could share so far.

Thanks all!

Hey Mark. We had planned to switch to XTRF Cloud (hosted solution) when upgrading to XTRF 7. After a first round of XTRF 7 Beta tests that raised a number of questions, we never heard back from XTRF about our findings. So currently, not much else to report. I wish I could be more helpful.

@XTRF: Is version 7 still in beta phase or have you released a public version? Or will it be eclipsed by version 8 due end of May?


The XTRF 7 is now regarded as General Availability, no longer Beta. Besides the items mentioned in deprecation list, most importantly the BIRT2 templates, we see no significant issues with upgrading our hosted (SaaS) instances, and we have already done so for major part of them. There will be XTRF 7.0.4, a bugfix update, scheduled for release soon, with numerous issues resolved that were found after the upgrades.

We are proceeding with the upgrades normally, as the XTRF 8 release will be smaller than 7, will have less possible negative impact and will need less preparations. I recommend that you update to XTRF 7 as soon as possible to avoid jumping from older version directly to 8 in an unnecessary hurry.

I advice to do a test upgrade in a test instance. We had some issue:

 - Virtual column - a function was eliminated from the Project DAO

 - Home-API - if you use view-s for exporting data, you should check it, cause some column name was changed.

 - Document template - We also had to change them. Just small changes, but you should test it.